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'Mad Scared Dumb and Gorgeous' is the sole album by BECAUSE, who are Jim Irvin (vocals) and Chris Ingham (keyboards, guitar).

This album, recorded during the autumn months of 1992 for Haven, was the first collaboration between Chris and Jim, whose friendship over many years had crystallised into a sublime songwriting partnership.

Jim's previous career is better documented as the singer for the sorely missed band Furniture, who are best remembered for the hit single 'Brilliant Mind' as well as the critically acclaimed albums for Stiff and Arista. He also now operates as a music journalist.

Chris, whose roots lie in the jazz clubs of East Anglia, has a career that has spanned both rhythm'n'blues and modern jazz bands over the years, and even once included a band with Eddi Reader purely for Rowan Atkinson's wedding reception. He also now freelances as a music journalist.

This album, recorded at a home studio for a budget that would hardly cover some studios' coffee bills, is primarily a songwriting project. This is a collection of ten superbly crafted songs, whose singular melodic structures and lyrical resonances can leave you breathless. This album will have you including the names of Ingham and Irvin in your lists of classic songwriters of today.

BECAUSE are songsmiths - craftsmen in a sadly neglected art.