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'Piccadilly In The Rain' is the title track on the debut 1992 EP by SCARLET, who were Cheryl Parker (vocals, guitar), Joanna Fox (vocals, flute) and Joanne Youle (piano, keyboards).

The EP and CD single also feature three other tracks, 'Nothing's Changed', 'God Knows', and 'Say If'. The EP was produced by Boo Hewerdine, previously front-man with The Bible, now a solo artist, and engineered by Chris Birkett, noted for his work with Sinead O'Connor. The song 'Piccadilly In The Rain' was co-written by Boo, and features his vocal contributions.

The second single, 'Shine On Me Now', released later that same year, was also an EP featuring 'Shine On Me Now' and two versions of the song 'Moonstruck'.

SCARLET originate from Hull, from the same roots that produced The Beautiful South, with whom the girls are good friends. Cheryl, Joanna and Joanne were only nineteen when these singles were released, but in their songwriting express a maturity beyond their years. Their songs and harmonies have a charm and freshness that can entrance in its simplicity, but their writing suggests subtleties yet to be discovered by the listener. These singles were the first step, as the girls began to weave their spell.

The band, reduced to a duo of Cheryl and Joanne, later signed to Warner Bros, where they released two albums, 'Naked' and 'Chemistry' and achieved a worldwide Top 10 with the single, 'Independent Love Song'