Sawdust In My Veins
James Grant

Survival Records Ltd.
Release Date (UK) - 27th April 1998

Side A
Pray The Dawn
Can't Stop Bleeding
All Her Saturdays
No Chicane
Sawdust In My Veins

Side B
Cure For Life
I Don't Know You Anymore
Is Anybody Dreaming
This Is The Last Time
If You Love Me, Leave Me Alone

Press Release:
The former leader of Love And Money releases his debut solo album and it is his most complete work yet. The band achieved huge critical success and built a worldwide cult following, selling over 250,000 copies of the Strange Kind of Love album, but never quite broke through to the mainstream. Now their enigmatic leader is back with an album that confirms his talent as a classic vocalist, profound soungwriter and excellent guitarist. He is already receiving major media interest in the UK and is playing his first solo gig at the 3,000-capacity Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on the 1st Feb. Sawdust In My Veins is full of strong songs of depth, darkness, and finely observed emotional intensity held together by a succession of great pop hooks. The time is fast approaching when James Grant will be recognised as one of the UK's major talents.


James Grant: Vocals, guitar, bass.
James Mackintosh: Drums
Donald Shaw: Keyboards and production
Frasier Spiers: Harmonica
Mark Duff: Whistle
Karen Matheson: Backing vocals
BT Ensemble: Strings

"Pray The Dawn"

Survival Records Ltd.
Release Date (UK) - 6th April 1998
Cat. No. SURCD 56

Track Listing:
Pray The Dawn
Walk The Last Mile*
Call Me Slim*

*Unreleased B-sides that won't be issued elsewhere! (all produced by Donald Shaw of Capercaillie)
And YES, the second song is a re-recording of the classic Love And Money track!

A short, non-hyped commentary on the new album: After giving Sawdust In My Veins a number of listens, the album has proven itself to be very rich and detailed. Every time, new shades and textures reveal themselves, particularly in the lyrics and arrangements. While he was the leader of Love And Money, this record goes to show that L&M was not "The James Grant Experience." The album underlines the fact that he's a solo artist now, and puts a new light on his talents. The quality of the songs, and their production, mark a real return to form for James, and yet also a step forward. While it might seem inevitable, coming from the L&M website, Jocelyn Square definitely recommends picking up this album.

[Press photo images courtesy of Townsend Records]

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