Concert Review: James Grant & Friends

Renfrew Ferry, Sunday 26, January, 1997
by David Shanks

Sidetaulk the official Capercaillie Fanzine, Summer '97, issue 16

Karen, Donald and Charlie [members of Capercaillie] guested in the backing band at this gig, which turned out to be rather special.

James Grant played a selection of covers, new songs and old Love and Money favourites with various guests joining him on stage. "Evangeline" with Karen on backing vocals was well performed, but James says himself that Karen brings out the best in that song [Grant wrote that song for Karen's solo album].

The crowd, which was made up of a lot of Love and Money fans, enjoyued the old favourites, including "Walk The Last Mile." James was joined by original Love and Money members for these songs, and believe me, as a unit, they can still cut it. One personal disappointment was that they did not play "Jocelyn Square," my favourite Love and Money song. Donald and Charlie contributed well to the arrangements on the songs on which they played. It was odd for Mandy and I to see Karen, Donald and Charlie in this guise, but they all seemed quite at home and all got a good reception from the crowd when introduced.

The highlight of the night for me was the cover of America's "Horse With No Name," for which all the guests were on stage. James sang the lead vocal well, but I would really like Karen and Capercaillie to attempt a song like this on their own. I really think the would make a good job of it.

The "band" received loud applause for their efforts and played an encore to the delight of the crowd. A really good night at a very pleasant venue. James Grant looked chuffed at the end, and rightly so.

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