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James Grant Solo Career Articles

Concert Review [James Grant & Friends] Sidetaulk Fanzine (1997)
James Grant Interview Teletext (4/21/98)
Supporters Granted A Rare Treat The Edinburgh Evening News (4/28/98)
James Grant at The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow The Scotsman (5/7/99)
James Grant, The Archers (sic), Glasgow The Herald (1/24/01)
Houston Blues Sunday Mail1/27/02
Sawdust In My Veins Reviews Various (1998)
My Thrawn Glory Reviews Various (2000-01)
I Shot The Albatross Reviews Various (2002)
Notable reviews of albums contributed to Various (2002)

Love And Money Articles

Artists Against Apartheid Concert ReviewNME(9/13/86)
Free Love And No Money CUT (10/87)
Kisses For Sale The Island Ear (4/3/89)
Tales of Ordinary Madness VOX (9/91)
(Little) Death of an Artist? M8 (1993)
Death Becomes Them The List (8/27/93)
Profile: James Grant, Love and Money Scotland on Sunday (8/29/93)
A Run for the Money The Scottsman Weekend(12/11/93)
Winter of Discontent Sunday Express (1/30/94)
True To Blues Glasgow Herald (4/30/94)
Are You Listening Tina Turner? [L&M's Last Gig] The Sunday Post (1/1/95)

Love And Money Music Reviews

Single ReviewsVarious U.K. Publications('87-'01)
All You Need Is... reviews Various Publications (1986)
Strange Kind of Love reviews Various U.K. Publications (1988)
Dogs In The Traffic reviews Various U.K. Publications (1991)
littledeath reviews Various U.K. Publications ('93-'94)
Cheap Pearls & Whisky Dreams: The Best Of... reviews Various U.K. Publications (1999)

Love And Money Splinter Group Articles

Makin' Tracks [The Chain Gang] CUT (10/87)
Cowboys Go East With Busby Tracks [Cowboy Mouth] Glasgow Herald (1/20/95)

Book Excerpts

Friends Again The History of Scottish Rock and Pop (1993)
Making All You Need Is... The History of Scottish Rock and Pop (1993)
Making Strange Kind of Love The History of Scottish Rock and Pop (1993)
Making Dogs In The Traffic The History of Scottish Rock and Pop (1993)
Love And Money Guinness Who's Who of Indie & New Wave (1995)
Friends Again Guinness Who's Who of Indie & New Wave (1995)

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