All You Need Is... (1986)

Love and Money was:
James Grant...Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Stuart Kerr...Drums, Backing Vocals
Paul McGeechan...Keyboards
Bobby Paterson...Bass

All You Need Is... lyrics
All You Need Is... U.S. press photo
All You Need Is... U.S. Press Release
Making All You Need Is...--an excerpt from The History of Scottish Rock and Pop by Brian Hogg
"Candybar Express" Slideshow--stills from the video.

Album Credits

Love & Money would like to thank:
Tom Dowd...For producing River of People, Twisted, Pain is a Gun, Dear John, You're Beautiful & Temptation Time.
Dave Bascombe for being the mix engineer on River of People, Twisted, Pain is a Gun, Dear John, Cheeseburger, You're Beautiful & Temptation Time.
Graeme Wilson
Ronnie Goodman for his percussion

Management: John Cunningham
Recorded in 1985-1986 at Air, Marcus Red Bus, Townhouse, Village Recorder & Powerstation Studios.
(c) 1986 Phonogram (London) Ltd 81
1986 Phonogram (London) Ltd
Photograph of Love and Money by Steve Golin
Designed by the Leisure Process

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