All You Need Is...
U.S. Mercury/Polygram press release. (6/86)

Love and Money: An elusive combination, individual needs that are sometimes mutually exclusive, and an essential new group that has released its debut album on Mercury/Polygram. Appropriately titled All You Need Is..., this first Love and Money effort seeks its own blend of humor and cynicism--a sneer with a witty, nasty beat.

Propelled by the hard-hitting hit single, "Candybar Express," Love and Money is the fastest-rising young band out of Glasgow, Scotland since AWB cut the cake more than 10 years ago. Difference is, they're a satirical, sardonic and skeptical bunch who funk it up better than their countrymen ever dared. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist James Grant, the band, says England's Record Mirror, "are about excitement and investment generated by a song rather than an image."

Love and Money recorded All You Need Is... is America with the assistance of legendary producer Tom Dowd, who's worked on classics by The Rascals, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers. While their consistent, soulful drive (especially evident on the sweet-yet-sinister "Candybar," "Temptation Time," and "Dear John") has taken the U.K. pop scene by storm and surprise, the emotional "You're Beautiful" offers pop maturity with a bite. Record Mirror noted their surprising ballad ease, calling the song "melodic, sentimental, convincing and leagues above cringeability." Melody Maker capped an enthusiastic piece with the line, "frontperson James Grant combines great guitar playing...with apparently effortless sophistipop songwriting."

Band members in addition to Grant include: Stuart Kerr, drums and backing vocals; Paul McGeechan, keyboards and composer; and Bobby Paterson, bass guitar. They have evolved, in astonishingly quick fashion, from Glasgow's darlings to the band to watch in '86. Andy Taylor of Duran Duran was impressed enough to take an early interest in the group. In fact, Grant collaborated with Taylor on the title song for the film American Anthem, which is also the theme to the July 4th unveiling of the Statue of Liberty.

Love and Money have already had a tremendous impact in the U.K. through their inspiring live performances, called by MM, "fierce, uncompromising declaration(s) of intent." Sounds said in a review, "If this is Love and Money, give me more."

The group originated out of the ashes of the Scottish acoustic-oriented band Friends Again. With eyes open wide to the frustrations of modern life, Love and Money developed a "you better listen" approach. The Express started to roll, the album was unleashed....

Love and Money: can't live with them, can't live without them. "If you like music, and you like change," says James Grant, "you'll like this."

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