Dogs In The Traffic (UK--Summer, 1991)

Love and Money was:
James Grant...Voice, Guitar
Douglas MacIntyre...Guitars, Backing Vocals
Paul McGeechan...Keyboards
Bobby Paterson...Bass, Backing Vocals
Gordon Wilson...Drums

Dogs In The Traffic, the band's best album in my opinion, was never released in the U.S. That's a crying shame, because it would have torn up AC radio like nobody's business.

The original name of the album, apparently, was The Mother's Boy--the record company declined to release it. Reportedly, "From Hubcap To Bluetown" was the first track, "Pappa Death" was the last track and the songs "True Believer," "No Chicane" and "Blue Eyed World" were also slated to be on the album.

According to an email from Julian Stockton, all the B-sides from the various singles off Dogs were originally featured on the album. He additionally noted, "'Pappa Death' was the only track that survived in its original form for Dogs In The Traffic. The original version of 'Winter' was on it and the company even went so far as to place an ad for the single of 'Winter' in the UK mag Q; needless to say, it never appeared."

Anyway, I have little other info on the album right now except for the bit below. If anyone has any old Dogs-era articles that they could scan and contribute to the site (or anything else of relevance), please do. In the meantime, if you don't have a copy of this record yet, get one!

Tales of Ordinary Madness--a good article from Vox, September, 1991, that was sent in by Rainer.

Making Dogs In The Traffic--an exerpt from The History of Scottish Rock and Pop by Brian Hogg

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