Love and Money For Sale!


People are always emailing me, asking where they can find Love And Money's music. Luckily, there's a number of on-line record stores where you can mail order all the L&M tunes you want. (Special thanks to Richard Peat who found a lot of these)

DISCLAIMER: The stores linked below have had Love And Money releases for sale at various times in the past; if they don't have any right now, it's not my fault. While I have had good experiences dealing with some of these stores, I am not personally affiliated with any of them, so I can't attest to their service nor am I responsible in any way for any purchase you might make from them. As with any purchase in life, use common sense before you buy.

Townsend Records
They tracked down the one L&M CD I still needed to finish off my collection, so they deserve a special notice here. Give them a shot; they have a lot of L&M and solo James Grant stuff; tell 'em you found them on the Jocelyn Square website.

Edinburgh Virgin Megastore--Email Andy McLellan at Virgin --he's a fan and will happily do mail order on L&M or James Grant stuff.

CD Now (US)
Eil (US)
Gemm (US)
Opal Music (UK)


If you want to get the hard-to-find "Last Ship On The River" CD single easily, call up S&I Music Supply in Glasgow; I've mail ordered that disc twice from them in the past and it was a reasonable cost. Their number (the country code to dial from the US is in parentheses) is:
Tel: (011-44)-141-420-1881
Fax: (011-44)-141-420-1892


Whenever I find a Love And Money record or CD, I pick it up, even if I already own it, because I figure that maybe a reader of the Jocelyn Square web page might want it. Below are the handful of L&M records I have for sale; no CDs, just vinyl. Probably none of them have ever been played; certainly I've never listened to them, because I already had copies. The prices are as follows: $7 for a 7" (i.e. a 45) and $10 for the 12". I don't charge for shipping.
I would rather TRADE these records than sell them--please take a look at my want list; if you have something L&M, Lloyd Cole or Star Wars-related that I want, maybe we can work something out. If you want one of the records, email me at

Here's what I have for sale or trade:

Love and Money U.K. 7" MONEY 4
Love and Money / Home Is Where The Heart Is
Cover is somewhat worn

Halleluiah Man U.S. 7" 870 596-7
Halleluiah Man / Love Is A Million Miles Away

Strange Kind Of Love U.K. 7" MONEY 66
Strange Kind Of Love / Looking For Angeline
Limited edition of 10,000 copies released in gatefold sleeves.

Strange Kind Of Love U.S. 7" 874 198-7
Strange Kind Of Love / Set The Night On Fire

Up Escalator U.K. 7" MONEY 8
Up Escalator (Remix) / Soon

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