The Guinness Who's Who Of Indie And New Wave

(Second Edition--1995). General Editor: Colin Larkin. Page 156

Friends Again
This Glasgow, Scotland pop band featured Chris Thomson (vocals/rhythm guitar/songwriting), Neil Cunningham (bass), Stuart Kerr (drums/vocals), Paul McGeechan (keyboards) and James Grant (lead guitar/vocals/songwriting), who emerged in 1982. They released their independently financed debut single, "Honey At The Core," the same year. It was followed by two further singles on Moon Records, "Sunkissed" and "State Of The Art." However, when the band signed to Mercury Records, they not only re-released "Honey At The Core," but also issued the lavish Friends Again EP. This elaborate package included new versions of the previous two singles plus the affecting, delicately orchestrated lead track, "Lullaby No. 2," which nevertheless hid typically somber lyrical matter from Thomson ("Everyone's the same, they've got deep dark hearts"). However, debut album Trapped And Unwrapped failed to showcase the band adequately, given too frail a production by Bob Sergeant. With its lack of sales, Grant departed in 1984, conscious that he wanted his own songwriting platform, though at first he linked with Hipsway. Friends Again imploded in his absence, with Thomson going on to work under the title The Bathers. Grant would eventually forge Love And Money from the ashes of Friends Again, using the services of McGeechan, Kerr and, temporarily, Cunningham. Kerr would later also join Texas.
Album: Trapped And Unwrapped (Mercury 1984).

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