The Guinness Who's Who Of Indie And New Wave

(Second Edition--1995). General Editor: Colin Larkin. Page 214

Love And Money
After the break-up of the Glasgow band, Friends Again, in the mid-80s, guitarist James Grant formed the pop/funk-influenced Love And Money, taking with him erstwhile "Friends" Paul McGeechan (keyboards) and Stuart Kerr (drums), plus Bobby Patterson (sic) (bass). The group were named after Grant's personal pledge as to what he wanted to achieve in the coming year. Since then, the group have achieve a string of minor hit singles in the UK, starting with "Candybar Express" (1986) released on the Mercury label, followed by the Fontana-issued "Love And Money" (1987), "Hallelujah Man" (sic) (1988), "Strange Kind Of Love," "Jocelyn Square" (both 1989) and "Winter" (1991). Stuart Kerr left the group in 1987 and subsequently joined the Glasgow-based Texas. Love And Money recorded their second album as a trio. By the time of Dogs In The Traffic, the line-up was bolstered by the addition of Douglas McInytre (sic) (guitar/vocals) and Gordon Wilson (drums). Seemingly forever on the fringes of success, Love And Money have yet to achieve that major breakthrough.
Albums: All You Need Is Love And Money (sic) (1986), A Strange Kind Of Love (sic) (1988), Dogs In The Traffic (1991), Little Death (sic) (Iona 1994).

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