Love and Money/James Grant Guitar Tabs

This section is a place for fans who want to play some Love And Money or James Grant tunes on the ol' guitar. All tabs herein are produced by fans for fans, so if you know how to play an L&M/JG classic and want to share your knowledge, drop me a line at and I'll add it here.

That said, this site (and I myself) make no claim to the rights for any songs presented here; they are presented soley for hobbists, and will be removed upon request by any appropriate entities (Mr. Grant, record companies, big publishing firms or their mean, dangerous lawyers).

Love And Money Tabs

You're Beautiful

Halleluiah Man



James Grant Tabs

Hey Renee

No Chicane

For more tabs, try Zoltan's L&M site, Cheap Pearls & Whisky Dreams.

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