"Hey Renee" Tab

by Glyn Barrett (glyn_james_barrett@yahoo.com).

This is a FIRST DRAFT. I am not sure about the F#maj, as it doesn't sound quite right when you play it on an accoustic - could need a different inversion. I haven't gone all the way through the song, but you get the gist.

Dmaj Hey Ren-
Gmaj -ne, dark
Em eyes in the
Amaj wee small hours.

Dmaj I can see your
Gmaj face, through the
Em white lace, and the
Amaj plastic flowers.

Gmaj The sign says "dead
Dmaj end",
Cmaj get your coat on
Gmaj girl. Today is the day all the
F#maj panicky
Em people
Amaj are taking over the world


Dmaj Hey Renee....

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