Are You Listening, Tina Turner?

Sunday Post, January 1, 1995

It really was a blue Christmas for fans of Love and Money. The Glasgow Lads played their last gig together at Barrowlands last weekend. However, the good news if you enjoyed the band's melodic, moody music is that frontman James Grant won't be hanging up his guitar.

"We were all doing a lot of other things, and only got together to play or to drink," he syas. "We just thought it was time for a change. You won't see me taking up gardening or anything like that. Music is all I'm qualified to do."

Love any Money must rank as one of the unluckiest bands around. They just missed the magic Top 40 six times. Their last album Littledeath was released on the independent label Iona last year and it contains some womderful songs that never got the attention they deserved.

James refuses to be bitter about the fate of the band, and that last Barrowlands show was more of a celebration than a wake. "We wanted one last bash to enjoy the glory," he smiles. "I talked to a lot of the fans afterwards and they were a bit sad. A lot of people think the end of Love and Money means the end of music from us all -- but that isn't true."

James is currently writing a new batch of songs that he hopes to release as a solo album later in the year, but he's taking his time. "I can't afford to go into a studio and waste time rehearsing. Everything has to be exactly right before I go in."

The quality of his songs would fit neatly on any superstars album, and James would be delighted if other artists covered his work. He'll also be writing the soundtrack for a film this year, and even hopes to write a novel.

However he has one other production taking up a lot of time at the moment: his five-week old baby Eva. 1995 will see a fresh start for James Grant and hopefully better luck. The success of albums by Crowded House and Beautiful South show there's a huge market for thoughtful rock, well played and sung. Littledeath is still worth checking out. Maybe somebody should send a copy to Whitney Houston or Tina Turner!

Alan Wood, who nicely sent this in, made this comment:

The last paragraph of the article makes me cringe everytime I read it !! Whitney Houston singing a James Grant song !!!.....I can't even bear to think about it. I must stress that the Sunday Post is seen as a comedy newspaper over here, reserved only for old ladies. I was therefore surprised to see this article in it. (It was my Grans copy of the paper, by the way !!)

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