U.K. Iona press release (1995)

Formed from the ashes of Friends Again, one of the seminal Glasgow bands of the Postcard era, Love And Money signed to Phonogram in 1982. Their first single, "Candybar Express," created a huge stir and was banned by many radio stations due to its lyrical content. However, the video ensured that it became a big clubland hit, and in America, MTV gave it heavy support, resulting in chart success there.

By the end of the campaign for their debut album, All You Need Is..., the band had built up a considerable live reputation, culminating in a support slot with U2 in the summer of '87.

The next year was spent recording the second album Strange Kind Of Love, in New York and Los Angeles with legendary Steely Dan producer Gary Katz. The album received huge critical acclaim and outstanding reviews from all corners. However, it also set the tone for the 'bad luck' factor; every release from the album reached forty-something without fail, narrowly missing a top forty placing in the UK in each case. The album, nonetheless, achieved silver status in the UK, and the band fared better overseas with top forty hits in France, Italy and worldwide. To date, the album has sold over 250,000 copies.

The final LP for Phonogram, Dogs In The Traffic, released in 1991 received many excellent reviews, but due to the untimely illness of James Grant, did not receive the full recognition and commercial success it undoubtedly deserved. This setback fell upon the promotional period for the singles "My Love Lies In A Dead House" and "Winter" and for the album itself. Despite this, Dogs In The Traffic sold an incredible 25,000 units.

After a period of upheaval following their split with Phonogram at the end of 1992, Love And Money began recording their fourth album Littledeath. They previewed their new material at one sell-out concert in Glasgow (incidentally, the fastest selling Mayfest show), and five sell out dates at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Littledeath is the album the band have always wanted to make, with no record company restrictions. Iona records were delighted to facilitate the new release and Love and Money surpassed all expectations with an album which continues the acoustic approach first adopted on Dogs In The Traffic. Littledeath was released on Iona Gold Records in December 1993.

Their first single taken from the Littledeath album, "The Last Ship On The River" EP, is about personal, industrial and metropolitan decline. The song was written during the pit closures and envisaged the eventual decline of shipbuilding in Glasgow. Bonus tracks included on the EP are "Sweet Black Luger," on which you can clearly hear a homage to Led Zeppelin and the Beatles' White album, a previously unreleased track entitled Without Her, and a live recording of the traditional "Will The Circle Be Unbroken," courtesy of Clyde 1 FM.

Love and Money played their last ever gig at Glasgow's Barrowland Ballroom on December 24,1994 before the band split. James Grant is currently writing a batch of new songs that he hopes to release as a solo album eventually. He'll also be writing the soundtrack for a film and even hopes to write a novel.

Love And Money are:
James Grant-Vocals, Guitar
Paul McGeechan-Keyboards
Douglas MacIntyre-Bass
Gordon Wilson-Drums

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