U.S. Mesa/Bluemoon press release (1994)

Scottish Pop Group LOVE AND MONEY Banking on Renewed Success in U.S.
with Mesa Records Release of littledeath

Love and Money, the acclaimed Scottish pop/rock group absent from the recording studio since their split with Phonogram Records in 1992, is poised for a major comeback in the U.S. with the release of their fourth album, littledeath, on the Mesa label.

Already hailed by the Scottish press as "pure gold" and "one of the best records released this year," littledeath features the dark romantic lyrics of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter James Grant, backed by the modern rock instrumentation of keyboardist Paul McGeechan, bassist Douglas Macintyre and drummer Gordon Wilson. The new album boasts a diverse collection of acoustic sounds, from the contemporary instrumentals of the title track to the new-country flavor of "Last Ship on the River" and the bluesy, Led Zeppelin and Beatles-influenced "Sweet Black Luger."

Love and Money first burst on the music scene in 1983* with their debut single, "Candybar Express." Though banned by many radio stations in the U.S. because of lyrical content, the single made a huge splash in clubs and on MTV in the U.S. The success of the group's debut album, All You Need Is..., culminated with a supporting slot on the U2 tour in 1987.

A second album, Strange Kind of Love, recorded by legendary Steely Dan producer Gary Katz, also garnered tremendous critical acclaim and Top 40 status in Europe, eventually selling 250,000 copies worldwide. Dogs In The Traffic, Love and Money's third full-length release was greeted with excellent reviews but was hampered by the untimely illness of leader/vocalist James Grant.

Since its April** release in the U.K. by Iona Gold Records, littledeath has been catching the ear of critics who are comparing the band's talents to such Scottish contemporaries as Aztec Camera, Lloyd Cole and Del Amitri. "A truer picture of Love and Money has slowly emerged from between the cracks left by big-money producers," noted The Scotsman. "It is one of dedicated songwriters and craftsmen with an appreciation of roots and soul and a heartfelt desire to communicate emotion."


* "Candybar Express" came out in 1986.
** It seems pretty unlikely that the album was released in Scotland in April 1994 since almost all the reviews quoted in Mesa's press kit (below) are dated around Dec. 1993.

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