Love and Money--Single Reviews (Various magazines)

Record Mirror--April 11, 1987
LOVE AND MONEY, 'Love And Money' (Mercury)
Reviewed by Nancy Culp (listed in 'Rock Bottom' section)

Forget the records, go and see them. This sounds like yet more ditch water running into the canal, but live they've got something the rest of the bunch haven't.

Later in the same issue under News Digest:
Glasgow Go Boys, Love And Money, release their single, 'Love And Money' on April 13. The flip side is 'Home Is Where The Heart Is,' while the 12 inch features an 'exclusive mix' of 'Love And Money.'
So that everybody dashes out and buys the single, the first batch will come packaged with no-expense-spared plastic wallets containing a cassette featuring live recordings of 'Jane,' 'Twisted,' 'You're Beautiful,' and 'Temptation Time.'
As if that wasn't enough to get you foaming at the mouth with excitement, a limited edition 12 inch double pack will also be available, featuring live versions of 'Cheeseburger' and 'You're Beautiful,' recorded at Glasgow Barrowlands. On April 15, Love And Money will be playing live on the Bruno Brookes show, as part of Radio One's week long Aberdeen special.

Music Week--September 24, 1988
LOVE AND MONEY, 'Halleluiah Man' (Fontana/Phonogram MONEY 5(12))
Reviewed by Jerry Smith

Much touted when their first album, All You Need Is Love And Money (sic) appeared, but didn't fulfill the expectations, but now back with a new LP, Strange Kind Of Love, and this single is sharp and stylish enough to realise this Scottish band's obvious potential.

The Scotsman --Sept. 10, 2001

17. Love and Money - "Winter"
Much sneered at by those who missed the irony of their early work, Love and Money came good after everyone stopped caring. Songwriter James Grant is touched by greatness, as evidenced by this melancholy lament.

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