Strange Kind of Love (UK-1988)/(US-1989)

Love and Money was:
James Grant...Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul McGeechan...Keyboards
Bobby Paterson...Bass

Strange Kind of Love Press Photo
Strange Kind of Love record reviews
Strange Kind of Love U.S. Press Release
Set List from Strange Kind of Love U.S. Tour (5/89)
"Halleluiah Man" video. Stills from their video.
Making Strange Kind of Love--an excerpt from The History of Scottish Rock and Pop by Brian Hogg
Robert "Bobby" Paterson interview--I interviewed him during the May, 1989 U.S. tour for Strange Kind of Love

Strange Kind of Love-related Article

"Kisses For Sale," The Island Ear (4/3/89)

"Up Escalator" was originally going to be the first single from Strange Kind of Love.

From Sunset Blvd. To Chateau de Lait was the original title of Strange Kind of Love. Of course, it's taken from a lyric in the song "Up Escalator."

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