Love and Money In Real Life

This section is a place for us fans to share our own personal experiences that have to do with Love And Money. Most of these stories have to do with seeing the band play live, but you can write in about anything L&M-related. Did you smash your car while banging your head to "She Carved Her Name"? Maybe one of their tunes was your wedding song. Perhaps you stalked them until they got a restraining order against you? (Just kidding--don't do that!) Whatever the connection is, just take a minute to jot it down, email it to me, and I'll add it here.

Serendipity Shines on Glasgow by Glen Ferris. After waiting for 13 years, our hero has the night of his life; we should all be this lucky.

You Owe Me One by SlowhandGL. Above every 'Lips Like Ether' is a runny nose.

Mad Dash For The Ferry by Glyn Barrett. Sometimes getting there is none of the fun.

Mis-Spent Youth by Richard. You didn't like that living room carpet anyway, right?

Hey! James! by by David McGavin. How to make a "complete arse" of one's self three times in only two shows.

L&M In LA by Blair. A recollection of seeing the guys in Los Angeles. (Live photo included!)

L&M Open For U2 by Mal Greenley. 75,000 people saw L&M that day; one became a fan. (Live photo included!)

Getting Autographs--And On The List by Ian. Skipping graduation or not, all roads lead to L&M.

A "Cultured Evening" by Drew Nimmo. Probably the funniest L&M/JG concert story we've ever run.

My Stolen Record...And More by Glen Ferris. A tale of lust, theft, drop-dead gorgeous secretaries, and, of course, L&M.

A Night That Changed My Life by Clive Young. How my seeing L&M in New York inspired a feud. BONUS: How To Not Get Laid In London.

L&M and the Unknown Venue by Tony Dee. L&M packed 'em in somewhere in London in 1990....

A Night To Remember by Colin. A cool recouting of seeing an L&M show very early on.

Music That Suits Him by Niel Black. A short recollection of seeing L&M, and Friends Again while wearing a suit.

Love And Money's Final Show by Alex McGhie. A first-hand account of the band's final (and finest?) hours.

Party Time by Jane. An anecdote about partying with those wildmen in L&M. Makes Oasis look like choirboys.

Remix Of 'People' by Brian Canham. The lead singer of Pseudo Echo reveals how he remixed "River Of People" but never got credit!

That's The Ticket by Richard Pelling. A longtime fan shares his ticket stubs from the very last L&M concert ever!

Bargain Bins, Let's All Party And Love Is The Drug by Martin Smith. The title says it all....

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