Love and Money--A Night To Remember

by Colin

Time for a wee L&M gig reminisce.

I was in my 1st year at College in Glasgow and I used to purchase most of my sounds from a wee independant record shop in Renfield St.,called "Our Price" (probably the fore-runner for today's mega-oulet music chain).
I was on my way down to the College and as I walked past "Our Price" I spotted a small sign in the window: "Love & Money LIVE in Newcastle - Tickets 4 pounds." This price included Return coach to Newcastle and the ticket into the gig. This seemed a wee bit too good to be true. I had only really been into L+M for about 3 months and had seen them about 4 times in various parts of the City.
I went in to see what the deal was and the guy behind the counter told me that the Producers for the TV programme The Tube were interested in having L&M on the show but wanted to see the band perform in a wee warm-up gig,in a club in Newcastle (The Tube was filmed at TV studios in Newcastle) before they made up their minds. Apparently the guys in the band insisted that,the only way to give themselves a fair shout was to have an audience of the best fans in the world, namely their homegrown posse.
The only catch was that there were only 40 places on the bus. I ran down to College to tell the guys and we skipped first class to get back up to the shop and were lucky enough to get ourselves 8 tickets.


We boarded the coach late afternoon,carry-out in hand,after having been in the pub for about 4 hours and set off for Newcastle.By the time we got there, we were a wee bit tipsy to say the least.
We got into the gig, The Riverside Club,and headed straight for the bar (well, we had to make sure that we gave the boys as much of a vocal support as we could - given that we could still stand up that is). Anyway,the support band came and went without creating much of an impression (Probably one of today's Stadium greats) and then it was really showtime.
The band came on to a rousing welcome (the crowd was mainly Geordies but intermingled with 40 intoxicated scots they had no choice but to give it laldy with us).The actual set escapes me but as their current album was AYNI, then it would not be too hard to work out what songs they were playing.
From what I can remember (and that is still surprisingly quite a lot), the gig was immense and everyone had a great time. All the guys from the band came onto the bus after the gig and thanked us for our support. I had bought a poster inside the club and they all signed it.
The bus headed back for Bonnie Scotland and by the time we arrived back in Glasgow (about 6am) we were all pretty rough to say the least - BUT it was worth it. Our support obviously did the trick because the band got their prized slot on The Tube. A poster went up in "Our Price" to go to the Newcastle studios and this time the tickets were only 3.50 pounds. Unfortunately for us,the places on the bus were limited to 30 people and when we went to get tickets we were out of luck.
We did get our reward though,because a couple of weeks (maybe months) later, the band played a gig at The Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow and if you produced your ticket from the Riverside Club gig then you got half-price merchandise.So I got a L+M T-shirt.The down-side of this deal was that the T-shirt seller took my ticket off me and ripped it in half.If I'd have known that beforehand I would have gladly paid the full money for the T-shirt and kept my ticket (one of only 40,remember) intact.
The signed poster I got is framed and sits on a corner in my sitting room (that's the only reason I remember the exact date of the gig).It is basically a Riverside Club poster detailing all the coming attractions but Mr. James Grant himself takes up most of it. The blurb is:

Wed 10th December
[imagine a B+W picture of that famous quiff in this space]
Hot from the B.B.King Tour Members :1.50 pounds Guests :2 pounds

Hope you enjoy. Cheers,
Colin (

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