L&M Open For U2

by Mal Greenley.

This was the only pic I took of Love And Money, but it's a decent one. Mr. Grant's quiff is one Morrissey or Brian Setzer would be proud of!

My one and only experience of seeing Love And Money live was way back in 1987 when they were one of the support acts at U2's concert at the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh. I remember it being a really hot day and having to stand up for 10 hours to ensure a great place at the front of the crowd (I was a serious U2 fan). The gig was massive, a sell-out crowd of 75,000.

Finally, the show started. I can't remember if Love And Money were the first support act to play but I remember that for the first number, James Grant's microphone failed to work. Despite this, the band continued to play but stopped at the end of the first song. The band stood there looking embarrassed, but once the mic was restored, they started again with full vocals intact.

I will admit that I'd never heard of love and money before this, but straight away i knew they were something special. The highlight of the set was 'You're Beautiful;' it remains one of my favourite songs to this day. At the end of the day, I thought Love And money were as good as any of the other bands playing that day, and I went out and bought All You Need Is the very next day. I still love virtually all of their music and consider it a scandal that they weren't absolutely huge; I only wish I had more opportunities to see them live before they split.

Mal Greenley (megamal@08002go.com)

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