by Blair (Boeingblair@aol.com).

Blair's "fuzzy photo."

I first discovered L&M in 1988-89 while watching VH1, the video for "Hallelujah Man." I bought Strange Kind of Love on cassette and wore it out! I did not own a CD player until 1994 and was extremely lucky to find a used CD of Strange Kind of Love at a local mom and pop record store.

The fact that their music did not take off here in the US made it possible for an average person like me to see them in concert at The Palace in Hollywood, CA. The Palace was used as the nightclub in the movie Against All Odds. The venue was standing-room only, so we were right there close to the stage. It's great to have a personal memory that I can go back to and visit in my mind. I'll have to dig through the old boxes in my garage to see if I can find that fuzzy photo.

I was able to talk my roommate into going with me to The Palace in Hollywood, CA, to see Love and Money on their Strange Kind of Love tour in 1989. We lived North of LA, in the suburbs and got all "dressed up" to try to fit in with the Hollywood crowd (I'm sure we still looked like we were from the suburbs).

I'm not a regular concert-goer, so the experience of seeing a great band like L&M live - and so close - was amazing for me. I felt like a goofy teenager (I was 28 at the time), singing along with the words and feeling the depth in James Grant's voice. I took a picture during one song and I think I embarrassed J. Grant, (remember they were not that popular over here in the States). I know I embarrassed my roommate! I wish I had a more wild and interesting story to tell, but my roommate was not going to have anything to do with hanging around afterwards and trying to meet the band.

A California fan - Blair

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