Hey! James!

by David McGavin (demac@zxspectrum.demon.co.uk).

Ed. Note: The follow story has to do with a gig at the Tron Theatre, where James played Feb. 1, 2002, as part of Celtic Connections.

I made a complete arse of myself in the great one's company at the Tron gig on the 1st February In Glasgow. The history goes like this. At the previous Old Fruit Market gig, a couple of friends and I having made the trip from London managed to talk ourselves backstage to meet the band (and eat fruit - some rock'n'roll lifestyle!), etc.

It was all very nice and my parting shot to JG was to say, 'Next time we meet, I'll shout "Hey! James" and you (recognising me) shout "Hey! David" back again'. JG promised he would forget me and shout, 'Who the fuck are you?' instead.

Anyway, we duly made the trip back up on the 1st and when James entered the theatre (dressed in a Parka jacket - looking like he'd just got off a bus), I started our exchange across the lobby. He looked up and ignored me, so I followed up with 'You're supposed to shout "Hey! David" ' at which point (and to my embarrassment) he ignored me once more and obviously thought to himself what he promised to shout back!

Anyway, the gig was great although he kept dropping songs that his voice wasn't up to after about 10 seconds. I pinched the (original) set list off the stage again - written in his own fair hand.

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