Mad Dash For The Ferry

by Glyn Barrett (

The [James Grant solo] show at the Renfew Ferry last year [2000] was brilliant. It didnt look like I was going to make it, all the way up to walking through the door and paying for my ticket:

- I was supposed to be going with my wife, but she was recovering from having her tonsils removed, so I had to find someone else to go with.

- On the day I set off late, which was made worse by my mate not being ready when I picked him up.

- I drove like a lunatic all the way up the M6 and M54 and managed to book into our Travellodge at about 7.15pm.

- UNFORTUNATELY, when i looked on autoroute and the net to choose the hotel, I didn't realise that there were TWO Renfrew Ferries - the OLD one docked by the city centre, and the CURRENT one, still operating out by Glasgow airport. (our taxi driver took great delight in telling us this).

- As a result, we arrived at the show just before it started (who was the support act by the way?), pockets somewhat lighter from the excessive taxi journey, and without having visited a cash machine. Doubts were cast over the quantity of the night's beer money.

- Fortunately, after having a chat with the bloke on the door, he overcharged me on my credit card for the tickets and gave me an unofficial "cash back".

- From then on it was plain sailing (no pun intended). It was a lovely sunny evening with the sun streaming through the glass walls of the ferry, with some fantastic music from a brilliant artist that I had given up on ever seeing live again (last time was in '89).

I probably enjoyed it more for the "mad dash" nature of the day.

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