You Owe Me One


This story also relates to the gig at the Tron in February, 2002.

My girlfriend hadn't seen James live, but was a big fan of his music. To impress her (and earn major brownie points), unknown to her, I handed a note backstage before the gig, asking him to play 'Lips Like Ether' for her.

As noted elsewhere, James had a bad cold that night. He was coping well, though. The moment of truth soon arrived.....

"This is 'Lips Like Ether'" (sharp intake of breath from me) "I was handed a note earlier tonight.........DOES ANYONE HAVE A TISSUE?"

And the so-and-so launched into a whole routine about the tissue, and forgot completely about the dedication!!

Thankfully, my beloved is a trusting soul, and believed my story later. But James, if you read this, YOU OWE ME ONE!!

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