Music That Suits Him

by Niel Black

My interested in Mr Grant and the rest of Love & Money goes all the way back to the Friends Again days. I was fortunate to attend one of their London Gigs at the Old Marquee (the only time I actually made it to that particular venue). I remember it well (although sadly the date escapes me) because it was the one and only time that I war a Suit to a Gig, I felt so out of place and vowed never to wear a suit to a gig again.
I also managed to catch three Love and Money London gigs, the first at Heaven (where the audience took so long to warm up they refused to play an encore, I'm pretty sure they had an additional member that night who was maniacally playing the bongo's) the second at the Town & Country club around the time of Strange Kind of Love and I last saw them at the promotional gig for Dogs in the Traffic at a Kings Cross theatre. I also managed to catch Chris Thomson playing in Bloomsday, we got their so early that we managed to get in for part of the Sound check.

Niel Black

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