Remix Of 'People'

by Brian Canham

You might remember an Australian band from the 80's called Pseudo Echo? Well, that was my band (I was the singer/guitarist), and I also produced a track called "Funky Town." [Editor's Note: Originally recorded as a b-side, their rock remake of Lipps Inc's 1979 disco classic went on to be Pseudo Echo's only stateside hit.]

I also remixed the 12" version of Love & Money's "River of People." It was the version credited as "produced" or "remixed" by Mark.S. Berry. In truth, I produced/remixed it at BearTracks recording studio in Suffern, N.Y., but I wasn't

Mark. S. Berry was supposed to do the remix in New York, but was too busy (slack) so as I was in town working in the studio with him anyway, he asked me to do it for him, and would, in turn, give me the official credit, too (I later found out that never happened).

Ah well, it was a good learning experience for me...I guess the band never knew I did that particular remix for them either, but Mark Berry told me they loved it anyway!

Brian Canham

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