L&M and the Unknown Venue

by Tony Dee

I went to see L&M in London at a famous, but small venue that I cannot recall the name of in 1990. Someone can maybe recall the name of it. Some clues: It was one of their rare ventures south of the border and was to support the SKOL release. The venue has really sticky carpets which hindered bopping and was jammed with people (which surprised me as L&M's profile was relatively low).

They played thru an extensive set and were on top form. They announced that that dsay the band had visited Camden market and bought waistcoats (called 'vests' in the US). I remember leaving feeling I'd had my money's worth.

SKOL is still listened to and has a permanenet place in my car CD changer. There are not many albums that have the listening longevity. It is pure class. I've collected all James Grant's solo works since and look forward to the new album soon.

Tony Dee
Leamington Spa, UK

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