A Brief Synopsis

Love and Money was a great soul/pop group from Glasgow, Scotland. The band began in 1985 and trudged on without much success through December, 1994, when sadly they finally called it a day. During those years, the group released four albums (three released in the U.S.) and an astounding number of B-sides, remixes and live tracks.

Love and Money's smooth mix of British soul, mellow pop and acoustic guitar was truly spellbinding. Their songs' lyrics usually explored the dark underbelly of the human psyche, most often dealing with the familiar theme of lost love. Songwriter/leader James Grant's songs were littered with aching souls well aware of what they'd lost or would never attain; his way with words took threadbare themes like love triangles and "the girl who got away," and breathed new life into them. Though the subjects were often sad, most of his music rang with hope and a neon promise of good things to come. Grant's music didn't simply examine human frailty; it celebrated it! It was dance music you could think to, and think music you could dance to.

Though it started out with an intriguing (if limited) mix of crooning soul and dance rock, Love and Money quickly matured into a pop combo that combined dashes of jazz, funk, acoustic guitar and more. Grant's incredible knack for writing memorable hooks was well matched by the entire group's talents and restraint. No single player dominated the music; instead, each one contributed whatever benefited a song the most, creating broad swatches of truly lush pop music in the process.

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