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Part One Of Ghost of Electricity: In Conversation with James Grant!
New Album News! L&M Is Hot In Peru! Crank It Up!

Ghost of Electricity: In Conversation with James Grant UPDATED: March 4, 2004
DISCOGRAPHY--Graphic Version UPDATED: December 11, 2001
DISCOGRAPHY--Text-Only Version UPDATED: December 11, 2001
Love And Money In Real Life--True-Life L&M experiences. UPDATED: December 11, 2002
Love And Money/James Grant Guitar Tabs UPDATED: December 11, 2002
L&M ARTICLE ARCHIVE-- UPDATED: December 11, 2002
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What Was Love And Money?--A brief synopsis for the uninitiated.
Love and Money For Sale!--Where to get the band's music, plus I'm selling some L&M records too.
Jocelyn Square Want List--L&M records that I'm searching for. Please take a look.
SAWDUST IN MY VEINS-James Grant's first solo album
"Candybar Express" Slideshow--stills from the video.
Love and Money's U.K. Chart History
The Unreleased Music
The Chain Gang Story


Cheap Pearls & Whisky Dreams: The Best Of Love And Money was released in the U.K. in early 1999.
It contains most of the band's singles and a selection of top album tracks and B-sides.
Visit Love and Money For Sale to find out where to buy the disc online.
This great collection is a must for anyone who likes L&M, from the casual fan to the die-hard fanatic.

All You Need Is... (1986)

Strange Kind of Love (1988)

Dogs In The Traffic (1991)

littledeath (1993)


Run by fans, this record store carries lots of L&M and James Grant stuff.
They do mail order to anywhere in the world, so give them a try and mention you found them on the Jocelyn Square website.


Thanks to...
James Grant, for his kind encouragement.
Robert "Bobby" Paterson, for his very cool insight and information.
Paul McGeechan and Paul Reidy, for thoughtfully including this website in the liner notes of Cheap Pearls.
Ed Freshwater at Vertical Records, for insight and internal intelligence.
Nigel Dick at Dick Films for nice words and a link to boot.
David Wilson, Shawn Perine, Richard Peat, Jim Nisbet, Glyn Barrett, Neel, Simon Young, Alex McGhie, Julian Stockton, Rainer Knauer, Alan Wood, David McGavin, David L. Jiles, Mike O'Connor and many other fans for all their contributions.

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